Together with your support, we’re touching lives all over the world.

We’ve filled our website with stories and films, blogs and graphics to keep our supporters well informed about Every Mother Counts’ work.  When all is said and done, what’s most important is whether we’re actually making a dent in improving maternal health and reducing maternal deaths.  Transparency, accountability and impact are among our biggest goals and that’s why we’ve added a graphic on our landing page to let you know how we’re doing.  To date, we’ve made significant progress in reaching mothers who need our help. In fact, we’ve impacted 43,355 lives by addressing three main barriers women often must overcome to reach the lifesaving healthcare they need:  supplies, education and transportation.  Here’s how that number breaks down:

 In Haiti, we’re touching lives with education and training.

  • We work with Midwives for Haiti to train skilled birth attendants who provide reproductive and maternal healthcare in rural areas after graduation.  They see women throughout their pregnancies, deliver and care for their babies and address other ongoing reproductive health needs.  How many women have we helped? When we count all the midwives trained, all the women seen, and teachers hired, we’ve directly impacted 2,760 people’s lives.

  • We also work with Partners in Health at Hopital Universitaire de Mirebelais to provide maternal health training to healthcare providers.  When we count all the providers who have been trained and hired and the women they’ve served, we’ve touched 2,850 lives. 

(photo: Stephanie Freid Perenchio)

In Uganda, we’re touching lives with transportation and supplies. 

  • We work with Baylor Uganda to help mothers access transportation to reach healthcare during and after their pregnancies and births. Our transportation voucher program has impacted the lives of mothers and the motorcycle taxi drivers who transport them to clinics. To date, we’ve impacted 28,044 lives.

(photo: Venetia Dearden)

In the US, we’re touching lives with prenatal education and care.

  • We work with midwife, Jennie Joseph at Commonsense Childbirth to provide prenatal education and healthcare to underserved women.  To date, we’ve touched 299 lives.

(photo: Alice Proujansky)

In Malawi, we’re touching lives with supplies.

  • We work with We Care Solar to provide sustainable solar electricity to 40 rural clinics that provide maternal healthcare.  By turning on the lights, midwives no longer have to work in the dark. That means we’ve made a difference to the midwives and the mothers and babies they deliver. To date, we’ve directly impacted 4,138 lives. 

(photo: Venetia Dearden)

In Indonesia, we’re touching lives with supplies and education.

  • We work with Bumi Sahat and midwife Robin Lim to address indirect causes of maternal deaths, including malaria and anemia HIV and other STIs.  We helped Bumi Sahat build a laboratory and provide the supplies and staff to meet the needs of their patients.  To date, between tests run, education and counseling provided, staff members hired and community outreach events held, we’ve touched 4,388 lives.


In The Democratic Republic of Congo, we’re touching lives with supplies.

  • We’re working with the Department de Sante de Communaute Presbyterienne de Kinshasa (DPS/CPK) to providesix clinics with the surgical tools to safely perform C-sections on mothers who need them, seven clinics with delivery and postpartum beds, and one clinic with an incinerator for medical waste. To date, these supplies have impacted 876 health workers and mothers.

Watch for these numbers to grow over the next year as we add new grants, make new plans and touch more lives.  It’s because of your support that we’ve been able to make this impact.  We’re optimistic that with your continued investment in our work and with more partners, organizations and governments on board we’ll eventually be able to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.  Thank you for making an impact with us.

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