For centuries, Black midwives have played a critical role in improving the care and outcomes of Black women. Yet, there has not been a single accredited midwifery training program in the United States founded and led by a Black woman.

Until now.  


Support the first and only
Black-founded accredited midwifery school in the U.S.

Ahead of International Day of the Midwife, your gift today will support Commonsense Childbirth School of Midwifery, founded and led by midwife Jennie Joseph.

What your support means

In addition to advancing first-of-its-kind midwifery training, your support will also allow CCSM to offer scholarships to prospective students who require support, including living and grocery stipends, waived application fees and other benefits that allow diverse students the opportunity to pursue and complete their education. The cost of completing the full 3-year program is $27,000.


Can help sponsor a student’s application fee, or a semester’s worth of books for students starting out.


Helps sponsor a midwife’s licensure fee, an obstacle for students after 3 years of full-time school.


Helps provide a student with their books and supplies for the entire 3 year midwifery program.


Can help sponsor a midwifery student by providing one full semester of academic tuition. 


To learn more about the incredible work you are supporting, watch Giving Birth In America: Florida, featuring Jennie Joseph and Commonsense Childbirth.