In India, an estimated 64,000 women die from complications due to pregnancy and childbirth each year. While the government is legally obligated to provide health, sanitation, and nutrition services, these services are not always provided. 

Our grant supports the training of women paralegals who ensure the provision of food and nutrition rations for pregnant and breastfeeding women, community toilet complexes, ambulances, and medical personnel.

Nazdeek works at the community level to train local women in New Delhi and Assam to know their rights and to hold the government accountable, mobilizing when those rights are being violated.

Partner Since 2014
Affected 68,000 Lives

More women die each year from pregnancy-related deaths in India than nearly anywhere in the world

One Woman's Story

Nazdeek trains activists to understand their rights based on the Indian constitution and to use practical tools to identify, document, and report human rights violations.

Due to a lack of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), Nazdeek’s paralegals discovered that pregnant women in Delhi were being denied key rights. In response, they engaged in months of monitoring, reporting, and complaint filing. As a result of this work, the Delhi government deployed two ASHAs. Now, pregnant women and their newborns are receiving essential health services and entitlements, such as nutrition and sanitation services.