A Change Making Celebration at #LoveEMC

Every Mother Counts hosted the 2nd annual #LoveEMC event at the Bowery Hotel in New York City to raise funds and awareness for our work to improve maternal health.

To our good friends and close family, to our impressive team of runners, our informed community of advocates, and to our awesome partners and supporters — thank you for joining us last night for an intimate evening to celebrate the thousands of women, girls and mothers we’ve brought lifesaving care to, and to gather with us in a shared commitment to do so much more — for so many more.

Hundreds of individuals arrived last night with an understanding — however big or small — of the challenges ahead of us, but left with an energized, empowered vision of how to overcome those challenges with us. #LoveEMC, which began as an evening to inspire those individuals, turned out to be an evening to be inspired by them as well.

Guards kick off the evening with a performance at #LoveEMC

Every Mother Counts not only raised $100,000 last night, but also heightened awareness for hundreds in attendance. #LoveEMC’s success is attributed not only to those funds raised, but to the critical activation of those individuals, who can now inspire others to join this collective and ever-expanding movement to save mothers lives during pregnancy and childbirth.

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“I feel it’s remarkable what Every Mother Counts has done. I find myself standing here in awe. This is not called ‘figure out a following and monetize on it’…this is called ‘realize you have a voice and change lives with it.’” -#LoveEMC attendee.

Thank you again to all for helping us link thousands of vulnerable women and girls to the care they need to become valued, supported, and powerful mothers, and most importantly, to have the chance to become mothers safely.

You — our supporters, our friends, our family, our runners, our partners; you are our solution to a better future for every mother, everywhere.


A special shout out to those who made #LoveEMC so special:

Our Sponsors: Square Roots & Citizens of Humanity

Awesome musical performances by: Cat Power Solo, Guards, and Nancy Whang

Delicious food and wine from: City Winery, Ilegal Mezcal, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Fox Fodder Farm, Michael’s, Poppy’s Catering, The Smile, and Milk Bar.

Our generous raffle prize contributors: Chloé, Vinegar Hill House, Roots, Marc Jacobs, The Prairie Bed & Breakfast by Rachel Ashwell, Orley, Mile High Run Club, Hunter Barnes, Ash + Ames, Melissa Joy Manning, “Hamilton: An American Musical”, Today Show Tour, Zero + Maria Cornejo

Our MC for encouraging donations and entertaining the crowd: Johnny Misheff

Our host committee: Jean Adamson, Sara Azani, Joana Avillez, Alyse Archer-Coite, Seth Brau, Sam Buffa, Ariane Goldman, Sophie Green, Brett Heyman, Rebecca Kennedy, Matt Kliegman, Chloe Malle, Robyn Mark, Johnny Misheff, Libi Molnar, Sara Moonves, Nicolas Newbold, Lyz Olko, Alex Orley, Taylor Patterson, Carlos Quirarte, Genevieve Roth, Eliza Ryan, Katelin Sisson, Arash Shirazi, Nicole Vecchiarelli, Jed Weisman, Stuart Willson.

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