Announcing an emergency grant in Nepal

As Nepal’s death toll rises, so do the number of women who are giving birth in extremely difficult circumstances.

UNFPA estimates that at least 126,000 pregnant women are among the survivors of last week’s earthquake and with health systems shut off, as many as 2 million girls and women of reproductive age can’t access healthcare. With stories coming in of women delivering their babies without shelter or any hope of healthcare, we’re so grateful an opportunity came our way to provide some direct help.

Starting today, we’re funding an emergency grant to One Heart Worldwide for $25,000 for emergency medical supplies that will serve the needs of pregnant women and their families. Arlene Samen, President and Founder of One Heart Worldwide will be transporting used safari tents to stand as makeshift birth centers. Her organization will organize 40 emergency medical camps in Dhading and Sindhupalchok and Every Mother Counts will help fill them with essential supplies. Here’s what our grant will cover:

  • 10 Solar Suitcases to provide light and electricity in temporary birth shelters. These suitcases will eventually be moved to permanent facilities.
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Blood pressure cuffs
  • Miscellaneous medical supplies (I.e. sutures, Betadine, IV lines, medical stands, autoclaves, and privacy screens)
  • Dopplers (to listen to fetal heart tones)
  • Birth kits
  • Blankets
  • Baby hats
  • Essential medicines
  • Suture kits
  • Gauze bandage rolls

One Heart will be sending us photos from the field as they get to work restoring medical services to women and families in Nepal. Your donations to Every Mother Counts are making this grant possible. To donate directly to One Heart, click here and keep your eyes on our blog and social media platforms to learn more about #WhatIsPossible when we work together.

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