Announcing Choices in Childbirth

Every Mother Counts works to achieve quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care for all by centering community-led initiatives and building awareness. For more than a decade, we have turned a lens on the maternal health crisis and the lives of birthing people to document their stories and wisdom. Earlier this month, we launched a free educational film series that centers community leaders and merges two key pillars of our work: education through filmmaking and advocacy

Choices in Childbirth: Essential conversations for pregnancy, birth, and beyond is an English and Spanish-language docuseries designed to educate people about pregnancy and birth, help them take an active role in their maternity care, and remind them that they are not alone.  

This original series shares the wisdom of birth workers, midwives, physicians, and community leaders with pregnant people and parents—because everyone deserves to know about their bodies and their options. It is inclusive, engaging, trustworthy, and designed to help all people access the maternity care that is right for them. 

Like any storytelling endeavor, much like birth, each one is a journey. Amidst the pandemic, it took a village to create comprehensive educational content. Here’s a look at how it all came together and you will see why we are so proud of this collaborative effort…

You can now watch and share the wisdom of Choices in Childbirth with your community!

We could not be more grateful, or more excited, to share the final product with you today. Our hope is that Choices in Childbirth is helpful throughout every birthing person’s journey—including your journey and your loved ones’.

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