Carey Socol Runs 30th Marathon and Continues to Raise Awareness for Every Mother Counts

Carey has been one of Every Mother Counts’ biggest supporters and one of our most inspiring teammates.

Carey’s goal is to run 50 marathons by the time she turns 50 — one in each of the United States, to raise awareness for Every Mother Counts. This weekend she completed her 30th marathon in South Dakota.

Carey, every marathon you’ve run since we met, you’ve used as a fundraising opportunity for mothers. How much money have you raised?

As of today, I have raised almost $58,000 (since the fall of 2012 when I first started running on behalf of EMC).

What has kept you motivated from your first marathon to your 30th?

There are many things that have kept me motivated along the way. Initially, it was the commitment that I made to myself to take on the physical and mental challenge of completing a marathon in every state. But at some point that idea started to feel self serving and indulgent. Running a marathon certainly isn’t easy but ultimately it is a privilege and I wanted to do more with that privilege. Running on behalf of EMC gave me something more. Running for other women resonated with me. Being a mother is my greatest joy in life. And to help other women have that experience has kept me going from 1–30 and will keep me going from 30–50. I also love the fact that it makes my own kids proud and that it sets an example of setting a goal and working towards it no matter how long it takes. I always say that crossing a marathon finish line never gets old. I look forward to more marathons.

What are your most memorable moments?

  • Boston, the year of the bombings (2013) and then the next year when I went back and finished it (2014). I was super proud to be a part of the resilient marathon community.
  • Running NYC after 9/11 and the 10 times I’ve crossed over the Verrazano Bridge to start the race.
  • Any time my kids see me run (NYC, Texas, Arizona, Vermont).

What was your favorite marathon?

Missoula, Montana (2012). I was well trained and felt perfect physically the entire time. It wasn’t my fastest race but it was my easiest. It was a beautiful course. I tend to prefer smaller races and the size of this race was ideal. Also, Big Sur, California (2015). I had been dealing with some injuries prior to the race but had managed to train enough to have a solid run. Plus, the scenery was insanely beautiful. I also loved Miami (2012) because it’s my hometown and I had lots of support and felt like I was running in my backyard.

Secret racing vice?

Living in NYC, I rarely drive anymore, but growing up, I loved blasting new music on my car radio. Now with running, I consider it my “time in the car” listening to new music or old favorites. Early in my running career, I was a purist. I would prefer to take in the sights and the sounds with no soundtrack in the background (which I still like to do sometimes). But now, it is my chance to zone out to music. Just yesterday, I played the Hamilton soundtrack over and over again. And I am not embarrassed to admit that I found myself weeping to “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” just as the mist was falling from the South Dakota skies. Running can bring out many emotions.

And I’m not going to lie, I also treat myself to a nice juicy cheeseburger and french fries when I finish each race!

If you want to run with Team-EMC — join one of our virtual races and add your miles to any of our upcoming marathons. To add your support to Carey’s marathons, log on to her Crowdrise page and make a donation — Every Mile, Every Mother, Every Marathon matters.

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