Jennie Joseph, Common Sense Pregnancy and the Birth Place

Jennie provides the high-quality, personalized prenatal care that Naomi and Rachel need, regardless of their insurance status or birth plans.

Jennie Joseph is a Certified Professional Midwife and founder of Common Sense Pregnancy and The Birth Place. Her approach to maternal healthcare is to meet women where they are with no judgments and to establish comprehensive care no matter whether they’re insured or not. Jennie says, “As a British-trained midwife transplanted to the USA I had a hard time coming to terms with the lack of access to health care in general, but to maternity care in particular, experienced by low income and uninsured American women.” That led Jennie to develop a maternity care model called The JJ Way®. Her goal is to improve birth outcomes through increased access to midwifery-model, culturally-competent health care, education and referrals for pregnant and parenting women no matter their choice of provider or delivery site.

Jennie provides high-quality prenatal care and education, regardless of a mother’s ability to pay to hundreds of at-risk, low-income mothers every year.

With patients whose personal and medical needs are as diverse as Naomi and Rachel’s, Jennie’s dedication and skill provides the medical and personal support women need during normal and challenging pregnancies.

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