Meet Anastanzia

With your support, thousands of mothers like Anastanzia will be able to deliver safely too.

“I was 18 years old and nine months pregnant with my second child. Anticipating labor and desiring the care of a midwife, I traveled several hours by bicycle from my village to reach the Chakhaza Health Center in Dowa.

I brought all the necessary supplies with me for my delivery; a bucket, plastic paper, a razor blade, and a wrap for my baby. I was told to bring batteries for a lantern because the clinic had no electricity.

I stayed at the clinic for one week waiting for labor to begin, sleeping outside with all my supplies.It was dark when the time finally came to deliver. Seda, the midwife, assisted my delivery with limitedlight from the lantern.

When morning came, Seda noticed a tear had occurred during delivery, which he was unable to see at night. When the morning light came, Seda was able to provide me with the care I needed. Thankfully, I survived.”

The next day, a solar suitcase was installed at Chakhaza Health Center to provide light for the clinic, making delivery safer, day or night. With our support of We Care Solar, 39 additional solar suitcases have been installed in rural Malawi.

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