Meet Chanel, Doula, New York

Chanel’s support extends to mothers and doulas as she works to improve health services for low-income women in Brooklyn.

Chanel Porchia-Albert founded Ancient Song Doula Services after becoming a mother herself. She left her career in finance when she realized that too many women of color lacked basic support during their pregnancies and births. Chanel says, “The statistics for African American women as they relate to maternal mortality are that moms are about four to five times more likely to die in childbirth or postpartum within the first year. My thing is, where’s the humanity in that? There was a need in the community that had to happen.” Chanel started filling that need by becoming a doula and inviting mothers from her community in Brooklyn, NY to join her in her living room to talk about their pregnancies and births. When she put out a listserv call for other doulas of color who were interested in providing services for low-income women, 20 doulas showed up at her home ready to work. Today, Chanel and Ancient Song Doula Services provide information, education, support and advocacy to mothers from all walks of life in Brooklyn, New York.

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