Mothers in India — How Legal Education Can Save Mothers’ Lives

Check out Nazdeek’s photo essay, on the story of three women attending legal literacy classes with Nazdeek.

As we’ve seen in the news recently, many mothers in India face almost insurmountable barriers to accessing the high-quality, respectful healthcare they need.

Many women don’t realize they have a legal right to receive prenatal care, to deliver their babies in clean, skilled healthcare facilities and to be treated with dignity and compassion. They’ve become accustomed to being barred from hospitals when they arrive in labor because they don’t have the money to pay for services. They’ve come to expect that some mothers will die while giving birth because hospitals and clinics routinely refuse care to poor women.

That’s why we’ve funded a grant to Nazdeek, a legal rights organization that’s working to educate women about their human and legal rights to get the healthcare they need.

Topics: Childbirth, Maternal Health