Nazdeek Photo Series

In India, an estimated 44,000 women die from complications due to pregnancy and childbirth each year. While it is required by law that the government provide health, sanitation, and nutrition services, these services are not always provided. Since 2014, Every Mother Counts has been supporting Nazdeek, an organization that works at the community level to train local women in New Delhi and Assam to know their rights and to hold the government accountable, mobilizing when those rights are being violated. Below is a photo series of some of Nazdeek’s recent work with Anganwadi Centers (government-run health centers).



Anganwadi Centers (AWCs) are government-run, local mother and child health, nutrition, and education centers. As per Indian law, an AWC should be operational for a population of every 400-800 people. However, since 2015, the government has forcefully relocated more than 3,000 people to Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojana (RRAY), Baprola, without even one AWC in the area. Since 2016, Nazdeek has advocated for the opening of AWCs in RRAY. Finally, after filing a case at the Delhi High Court in July 2018, two AWCs were finally opened in August in RRAY.


Pinky & Rinky

Pinky is an Anganwadi Worker and Rinky is an Anganwadi Helper at one of the two AWCs that were opened in RRAY. In the background of the photo, there are cut-outs that they have made for the children who come to their center.

Photo: Pinky (38yr.) and Rinky (35yr.) RRAY, Baprola, Delhi



Chanchal is an Anganwadi Worker at the other AWC in RRAY. In the picture, she is holding a growth chart of one of the children who visits her center. These growth charts track and record a child’s physical growth from birth until the age of six. In the background, are educational materials made by Chanchal and the Anganwadi Helper, while some are materials provided by the government.

Photo: Chanchal RRAY, Baprola, Delhi


Gulabi Devi

Gulabi Devi and her family have greatly benefited from the opening of AWCs in RRAY. With the center providing her two grandchildren with meals and pre-school education, there has been a decrease in her family’s financial burden.

Gulabi Devi is a senior citizen and she lives in a small apartment with her entire family. Pictured here are three generations of her family – Gulabi Devi (center), her daughter-in-law (right), and her 5-year-old granddaughter (left).

Photo: Gulabi Devi (62yrs.) (center), her daughter-in-law (right), and her granddaughter (5yrs.) (left). RRAY, Baprola, Delhi



On September 9, 2018, community paralegals and Nazdeek held a community meeting in Rajiv Rattan Awas Yojana resettlement colony in Baprola, Delhi. Nazdeek paralegals talked about their work over the last two years, and the big improvements that have been made in the community – such as ensuring the appointment of two ASHAs (community health workers), the opening of two Anganwadi Centers (a mother and child care center),  improvement in health services in the mohalla clinic (government community clinic), and more! Nazdeek presented paralegals with certificates of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Over 60 women attended the meeting and collectively outlined next steps that they will take to further improve access to government services in their community.



Sangeeta is a Nazdeek paralegal and community activist. She has been working with Nazdeek for two years and has been instrumental in improving many government services in the community, such as sanitation and access to health care.

Photo: Sangeeta (21yrs.) at the community meeting. RRAY, Baprola, Delhi



Madhu is a Nazdeek paralegal and an ardent community activist. Madhu, through her work with Nazdeek, has been instrumental in getting two ASHA (community health) workers appointed to her community. ASHAs are essential for children and pregnant and lactating women to be able to access health services, health entitlements, and adequate nutrition.

Photo: Madhu (29yrs.) receiving a Nazdeek certificate of recognition from Gyanvati, a Nazdeek paralegal from a nearby community. RRAY, Baprola, Delhi

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