On the Front lines

At the Intersection of Midwifery and Gender-based Violence

November 28, 2018

By Martine Jean-Baptiste, Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Haitian Midwives

According to the 2017 Demographic Health Surveys (DHS), approximately 23.5% of women in Haiti reported sexual and physical violence committed by a partner. ...

Nazdeek Photo Series

November 13, 2018

In India, an estimated 44,000 women die from complications due to pregnancy and childbirth each year. While it is required by law that the government provide health, sanitation, and nutrition services, ...

Notes From the Field: Haiti (Part II.)

November 9, 2018

By Jessica Bowers

Continued from Notes From the Field: Haiti (Part I.)

As the Grants Program Director for Every Mother Counts, I love going into the field and seeing firsthand the work that we are supporting as well as seeing what others doing to improve women’s health at the community level. ...