Sefte Living’s Founders Talk About Purchasing With Purpose

Jennifer and Sarah Pearsall share why they’re part of the Orange Rose Campaign.

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Jennifer and Sarah Pearsall are the twin sisters and bedding and lifestyle designers behind Sefte Living. Their blankets and bedding are casually elegant and we’re thrilled they’re supporting our Orange Rose Campaign. They joined us to talk about how Sefte’s mission mirrors our own and why they partnered with Every Mother Counts.

Every Mother Counts: Everybody has a story of how motherhood has motivated or inspired the them and why Every Mother Counts’ mission is personal to them. Tell me your “mom” stories.

Sarah: I can’t talk about motherhood without including my sister in that story because we made the transition together. We had four kids in four years. I have two boys and Jenn has two girls. For us, motherhood was an awakening of sorts. When you become a mom, you realize there’s a common connection, a common thread that ties you to all the mothers who have done it before you.

Jennifer: I was diagnosed with a severe case of placenta previa during my second pregnancy and was hospitalized for most of my third trimester. Sarah slept on the floor next to my hospital bed. Obviously, the work EMC is doing to improve maternal health is incredibly personal to me. Had I not had proper healthcare, my daughter and I would not have made it. I have come to recognize motherhood as this collective right of passage you go through as a woman — a shared awakening.

Every Mother Counts: How did you connect with EMC?

Jennifer: EMC resonated with us because their work with women aligns so seamlessly with the ethos of Sefte. EMC advocates for healthy and supportive lives for women everywhere. We’ve always hungered for our work to be about something bigger than just beautiful bedding. There’s a higher purpose in what we’re creating with Sefte. When you purchase a Sefte throw, you’re not just buying a blanket. You’re providing the opportunity for a woman in Peru to literally weave her way to financial independence. It’s not just philanthropy. It’s also good business.

Sarah: We’re selling products people can feel good about.

Every Mother Counts: How does motherhood affect your life, business and communities?

Sarah: Motherhood was a prime motivator in deciding who we worked with and why. We wanted to extend our business into Peruvian communities where the artisans work towards financial independence. We wanted to help them pass the traditions they’d learned from their grandmothers on to their daughters and granddaughters.

Jenn: So many of these Peruvian artisans are not just mothers, they’re teachers, community leaders and health providers.

Every Mother Counts: What do you hope the Orange Rose campaign will do for mothers, your clients and colleagues?

Jenn: It’s about elevating the concept that your purchases can have a higher purpose. You can buy beautiful products anywhere but the products included in the Orange Rose Campaign have soul and purpose. They can truly help save lives, honor generations of women and promote happiness. That’s extraordinary. We’re proud to be part of that.

Sarah: And as part of a community of women, sisters, mothers and daughters we can absolutely affect change. We can raise awareness about a subject that affects everyone — greater maternal health.

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