Start a Fundraiser

Start your own fundraiser for EMC and all donations will go to the programs we support to improve access to critical maternal healthcare.

It’s easy to help make a real impact for moms around the world.

Whether you’re giving up birthday or wedding gifts for charity, raising funds for a marathon your running, or just want to do good for moms around the world, all you need is a Crowdrise page.

Here’s how you can start your own fundraiser on Crowdrise:

  1. Create a fundraising page for charity by starting here. Fill out the form based on your individual fundraiser, and follow to next steps.
  2. Once you land on “Find a Charity”, search for Every Mother Counts. Select the organization.
  3. Create a Crowdrise login.
  4. Email your friends a link to your new fundraising page to start making an impact for moms around the world.
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