Thank You for Supporting me in Boston

Thank you so much for supporting my race in Boston yesterday!

This was my most challenging race yet, but what I’ve learned is that in running — just like in childbirth, you never know what you are going to get. There’s no assurance that this race or this pregnancy will be smooth or rocky.

Running in Boston reminded me of all those unpredictable variables that can come into play; the weather, the course, what you wear, how well you slept the night before, IF you slept the night before, what you ate, how much you hydrated, and more.

Just like running, it’s never hard for me to imagine all the unknowns and the unexpected barriers that millions of expecting mothers face just trying to give birth safely. We think about that every day here at Every Mother Counts. Yet, every time I run a marathon, I’m reminded of the striking parallels between running and childbirth — the most important being that I wouldn’t want to do either one alone.

I completed my 5th marathon in 4:09:27, my third fastest time in my short history as a longer distance runner. I’m proud of my effort. It takes a lot to get to the start line, let alone to the finish — and I have many people to thank for getting me there.

Thank you to Andy Speer who I have been training with since he got me back to health for my 2nd NYC Marathon in 2013 after an injury.

Thank you Matt Wilpers for offering some advice a bit later in the game.

Thank you Oiselle for your steady presence in the race and on the sidelines.

Thank you EMC staff and Team EMC Ambassadors (Emily, Esther, Elizabeth, and Kristina) for all the love and support throughout my training, and on race day — especially those of you who came to Boston to cheer me on.

Thank you to all the new friends I made during the race. Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers for all the support and an awesome race — start to finish.

Thank you to the people of Boston for every word of encouragement.

Thank you to Jennie Jurek for being one of the many expectant mothers who inspired me and motivated me all the way.

And a special THANK YOU to Scott Jurek or staying by my side, despite how challenging that must have been for you on your first pavement run of the year!

And, thank you to every individual who contributed to my Crowdrise. Together, we raised $7,500 for the programs that Every Mother Counts is funding to link more mothers to essential maternity care all over the world.

You can continue to support my race through Mother’s Day on May 8th.

This year for Mother’s Day, Every Mother Counts is introducing the Orange Rose as a new symbol for safer motherhood.. We look to the Orange Rose as sign of hope, and a reminder of what we can accomplish together when women and girls have access to the basic and lifesaving care they need. Check out our Orange Rose Collection that have a wonderful collection of Mother’s Day gifts.

With your help, we can make childbirth safer for every mother, everywhere!

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