The Maternal Health Advocacy Toolkit

You can make a difference. Share our Advocacy Toolkit with your friends and family.

Advocacy (noun): the act or process of taking action to advance causes, experiences, recommendations or policies you believe in

At Every Mother Counts, we know that high quality, respectful and equitable maternity care is a fundamental human right. Advocacy is at the core of our work to make changes that improve maternal health for all mothers and birthing people.  

Maternal health advocacy can take many forms: contacting your elected officials, educating your community, hosting a town hall or even sharing your story. With so many ways to make an impact, it can be overwhelming to know where to start or what advocacy tactic would best fit your unique skills and motivation.  

That’s why we’ve just released our Advocacy Toolkit, an interactive guide to help give shape to your maternal health advocacy. Whatever your advocacy journey looks like, we hope this guide serves and inspires you. Because, right now, it is more urgent than ever before that we pass transformative legislation, support community-led organizations and raise awareness about the state of maternal health.    

Not sure where to start? Use our tool below to help brainstorm what advocacy looks like for you. And then, download the toolkit for more helpful tips.

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