Thinking of Nepal

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal today, killing so far, more than 1100 and injuring thousands more. 
As those numbers rise, we’re praying for those who lost their lives and for the rescue workers searching for survivors. Our hearts go out to their families. We’ve learned from past disasters like the earthquake that devastated Haiti and typhoons that destroyed parts of the Philippines, that the tragedy will grow, that heroes will come from all over the world to help and that every one has a role to play in helping Nepal survive. In these early days, the best way people can help is to donate to organizations like the Red Cross, CARE and other non-governmental rescue organizations who are already on the ground, establishing basic services. Nepal will struggle for months and years to rebuild infrastructure and we will be looking for opportunities to support Nepal’s mothers, babies and families. To our friends working and living in Nepal — we’re with you.

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