We’re Not Fine: Postpartum Depression Survey Shows Startling Results

By Maven

Did you know that as many as 20% of women in the United States suffer from mood and anxiety disorders before or after pregnancy? That’s a higher rate than diabetes, stroke, and breast cancer — and doesn’t account for all the women who suffer in silence. And yet, only recently are we beginning to talk about or understand it.

In May 2018, Every Mother Counts, Seleni Institute, Peanut, and Motherly have partnered with Maven, the digital clinic for women, to conduct a national survey of women who experienced mental health issues to shed more light on the many gray areas of maternal mental health.

In speaking to more than 700 new mothers, Maven revealed some shocking statistics. For one, the majority of women reported experiencing both depression and anxiety, though anxiety is rarely talked about. And despite the fact that “postpartum” is often associated with mental health, 32% of mothers experienced a mood disorder during pregnancy.

Despite that fact that perinatal mood disorders are quite common, more than half of women surveyed were never screened for mental health at any stage — during or after pregnancy.

To learn more and see the full survey results visit https://www.mavenclinic.com/maternal-mental-health-2018. If you or someone you know are suffering, sign up to video chat with a mental health specialists on Maven now. Together, we can break the silence and help every mother get the support she deserves.

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