Why Your Vote Matters

Tomorrow is Election Day and this election, like all others, has the potential to make history.

Women: think about the power of your vote. Make it matter. Demand something for it. We are worth it.” -Maria Shriver

A third of the Senate is up for reelection, which could shift the balance of power in Congress. Many states have important ballot measures at stake, including initiatives that will impact water supply, firearms, labor laws, minimum wage, immigration, abortion rights, and GMOs — among many others. These measures can have a direct impact on the lives of individual citizens, families and entire communities, but if history repeats itself, fewer than 45% of registered voters will cast their votes. We think voting is among our most important privileges and responsibilities, because when enough people vote for what matters, change happens.

Voting = Equality

The League of Women Voters says that the right to vote isn’t really about politics or the outcomes of elections. It’s about equality and justice. It’s about making sure that the voice of each citizen is valued equally and included in the framework of our government regardless of gender, age, economic status, race, religion or profession. When we don’t take part in the voting process, we give up control, equality and hope that our concerns will be address or that justice will prevail.

Why does your vote matter?

Your vote matters, because the issues that matter to you are documented by your vote. That’s how we make sure our representatives focus on the issues that matter to us and our families, communities, states and country. Voting is how we make sure that government happens with us, not to us. Your ability to vote makes the difference between democracy and dictatorship.

Why does voting matter to women?

  • Because more than at any other time in the last 40 years, women’s health decisions are being made by governmental and corporate leaders instead of by women themselves. Using our vote can change that.
  • Because women currently have only 20% representation in the government, the best way to make our voices heard are through our votes.
  • Because there is really no such thing as “women’s issues.” There are family issues, community issues and state, national and global issues. Candidates and ballot measures that represent our concerns about education, the economy, healthcare, employment and our environment affect all citizens and may directly impact our lives, families and the future of our country.

Why does voting matter to mothers? Because:

  • There are approximately 85 million mothers in the US.
  • Some mothers lack access to healthcare services, the ability to plan and prepare for motherhood, adequate nutrition, and safe housing for themselves and their children.
  • 4 million women have babies in the U.S. every year and 800 of them will die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Some are vulnerable to violence.
  • Some are at risk for deportation or imprisonment.
  • Some can’t send their children to good schools.
  • Some can’t find jobs and will be professionally penalized for being working mothers.

We think the power of voting applies to both women and men. Get out and vote.

*photo: ABC News

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