Your Gifts, Our Gratitude

We’re starting the season off right by sharing our gratitude with you. Here’s how your supply kits & support helped improve lives in Uganda.

Earlier this year, we asked you to help support mothers in Uganda by collecting the basic, but essential supplies every mother needs in order to have a safe birth. We called them Every Mother Counts Kits and they contained items we take for granted in American birth settings; things like soap, baby clothes, feminine hygiene pads, gauze and diapers. Without these supplies, many Ugandan mothers won’t go to birth centers to deliver their babies. That’s because they’re expected to show up with their own supplies and many don’t have them and can’t afford them.

We hoped this call to action would inspire some of you to donate the supplies they need. What happened next blew us away. Hundreds of birth kits poured in to our offices from all over the country. We were overwhelmed by your generosity. Each kit was lovingly prepared by one of our supporters for a mother they will never meet in a country most will never travel to. The photo essay below tells how our Every Mother Kits were received and distributed. We can’t imagine any better way to welcome the season of gratitude and than this. Thank you again for helping make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

Topics: Pregnancy, Women