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Con Madre

Con Madre highlights the importance of midwifery care in one of the most dangerous countries in Central America to give birth: Guatemala. The film follows Erika and Dora Mariá, students training to be the first university-level midwives, parteras, as they return to their rural, Indigenous communities. 


The Making of a Midwife

A story told in four parts, The Making of a Midwife brings you to Haiti to see the work of our partners Sage Femmes pou Ayiti (Midwives for Haiti).  Amazingly, they who have now trained approximately 17% of Haiti’s entire maternal healthcare workforce. 

This series introduces you to incredible midwifes, students and teachers.


Seda's Light

Seda, a 25 year old nurse-midwife, is the only skilled birth attendant on staff in the maternity ward at Chakhaza Health Center in Dowa, Malawi. Only 6.6% of the rural population in Malawi is linked to the national electricity grid, and Seda, like many health care workers, struggles without power to make sure pregnant women can deliver safely, often times in the dark.  


Boda for Mothers

4,700 women die in Uganda each year due to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. Often times, distance is the biggest barrier for women to access timely and skilled care during pregnancy and labor. In three districts of Uganda, Every Mother Counts has supported Baylor Children’s Foundation’s provision of vouchers to ensure that women have affordable access to skilled care, enabling them to reach a clinic to deliver safely.


The Walk

There are pregnant women who walk over a day just to receive life saving care.

This short film highlights the path women must walk to access quality maternity care. Able to be watched with or without sound, it’s perfect to share on your social media channels.


Giving Birth In America

Shining a spotlight on the maternal health crisis in the United States

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