We're committed to helping moms and care providers during COVID-19.

We're commited to helping moms and care providers during COVID-19.

How today:

Make a donation, start a fundraiser, create challenges with friends, watch as leaderboards go up…all in support of raising critical funds for maternal health during this difficult time.

Buy one-of-a-kind Mother‘s Day gifts that support the work of Every Mother Counts and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of mothereverywhere.

Celebrate ten years of EMC and tune into our month-long series of online events that raise awareness, laughs and funds for maternal health in the face of COVID-19.

Contact your policymakers in local, state and federal government to demand action that supports pregnant, childbearing and postpartum people during COVID-19.


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invested in public education, community engagement and grant making.

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improving the lives of mothers, healthcare providers and children.

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including women, babies, health workers and community members.

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What to do if your kid bought a fake ID

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