We believe that safe and respectful maternity care is a fundamental human right, and we strive to engage in efforts that will lead to long-lasting health improvements for every mother, everywhere.  

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Establish “Maternity Care Homes” to meet Women’s Needs

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About half of all births in the U.S. are covered by Medicaid, but for many women, coverage does not always translate into adequate, comprehensive maternity care.

Two new federal bills, the MOMMIES Act, S.3494, and the Maternal CARE Act, S.3363/H.R.6698, would improve the quality and experience of care and reduce disparities by expanding access to culturally appropriate, integrated models of care, provided in women’s own communities.

The MOMMIES Act and the Maternal CARE Act would establish maternity care homes in multiple states in order to improve the health of women and babies and address the racial disparities that often lead to worse outcomes for women of color. Maternity care homes incorporate and coordinate maternity care with a wide array of essential services from dental care and mental health counseling, to care navigation, lactation support, health education, and community-based doula support. This team-based approach meets women’s diverse needs in a single setting that is easy for them to access and where they feel “at home.”

Take action today to support these bills that would make culturally appropriate, team-based care available to more women around the country.

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Maternal Health Accountability Act

Update: This bill has been passed! Thank you for taking action! 

About 40% of states have yet to put in place a system to learn from and prevent maternal deaths.

Maternal mortality review committees collect data, analyze causes of maternal deaths, and generate recommendations to improve outcomes. The Maternal Health Accountability Act/Preventing Maternal Deaths Act would establish these review committees and support efforts to prevent maternal deaths and address racial disparities that increase risks for women of color. Take action today to support bipartisan legislation to develop and standardize these resources for all states.

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What Women Want

What Women Want is asking one million women and girls worldwide about their definitions of quality maternal and reproductive healthcare.

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